Tuesday, July 13, 2010


World Cup 2010 fever is over. Spain won.

My first expectation, was Brazil vs Argentina. But surprisingly, both lost.

Second expectation, was Holland vs German in the finale. Again. Dissapointment.

In the final, i bet Spain will win the final. For the first time, i win.

I guess i can't be Paul the Octopus. I bet that octopus will never thought that he can be so famous. Everyone is talking about him. All over the internet, my fb news feed, google, yahoo home page, newspaper, mamak kopitiam...even in the toilet.

Four years later, it will be in Brazil. Will the octopus still be alive? Or another living being will come out with another prediction? Maybe the animals communicate well, with the universe. : )

Wavin' Flag has been everywhere. I mean really everwhere. I even know how to sing it now, of course not the African language part. Still can't get it tho'

I enjoy watching 12 men, nope, it's 24 men, running across the field, a very big field, for a ball, especially with a big bunch of unknown people. I guess, i'll never watch english premier league again after this world cup. England player is not as good as i thought.

Nyway, back to the old life again. No more checking the scores every morning i wakeup. No more mamak for balls late at night. I'm having triple and quarduple layer of swimming floats around my waist. Time for me to get back to my normal life. : )
::kuanru:: signing off

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