Tuesday, July 27, 2010

how do you do?

Have you ever experience, when someone ask 'how are you', you'll feel your hair stands?

my conclusion after i've experienced it for many times (*note: many times) is:

when they ask 'how are you', means that they might be expecting you to answer 'no good. i fall down in a drain, broke my arm, spilled my brainjuice, broke up with my bf because i can't think and walk anymore...',


when they answer 'sorry to hear that, how are you now? be strong, i'm always there for you, bla bla bla...' or stuff like that, they are actually feeling happy inside.

but, if you answer 'i'm good, how about you'

you'll never see or hear any reply from them again.


so, for you, who actually wants me to fall in a drain, and never see sunshine again, i'd like to tell you, I'M GOOOOOOOD.........NEVER HAS BEEN THIS GOOD BEFORE...

::kuanru:: signing off


Hawkeat said...

totally agree..

kuan ru said...

hehe...good to have a buddy that know me *hit chest*...: ) how are you?