Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tappity Tapper

Nothing to do?

Busy with thesis like me?

Note to Heaty: You can play this game when you're feeling so stressful that you feel like killing everyone around you : )

Feel lazy for awhile...

Try playing:

Tappity Tapper
a game bought to you by Cadbury

You'll enter a very chocolatey world.

Of course, you've to register yourself in order to play, because you'll stand a chance to win Wii, Ipod Shuffle, or Movie Vouchers.

Wondering what the game looks like?

By looking at this, guess all the smart-you knows how to play, and what is the game like, right?

All you just need to do is stay in sync with the tune!! As easy as that. This reminds me of O2 jam back in those days.

Got to keep practicing my Tappity Tapper, to get my name on the Hall of Frame.

Good luck guys : )

::kuanru:: signing off

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