Tuesday, August 24, 2010

After being a teacher myself, trying to give my very best to my students, but they're not appreciating it, *not all, but some*, it's really disappointing. Being a teacher, is not just simply go to class, take out a book, read a few lines, and end of it, but it's our responsibility to make them understand, to make them learn as much as possible.

I'm putting in my patience, but i don't see them putting in their efforts. It's rather frustrating see them not improving, let me see some improvement, even a little bit of improvement will make me happy.

They're blessed with two hands, two legs, 10 beautiful fingers, really beautiful fingers, more beautiful than mine, seriously, my friends know what my fingers condition like, blessed with a piano, some with grand piano, blessed with good family condition, blessed with the opportunity to learn, blessed with everything..

But, too bad, they don't appreciate it. Perhaps, i should put more patience. But, some of them really give me those 'i'm-better-than-you' look.

I really feels like letting them watch this video, to see how people really live their life to the fullest...

Not only to my students, even to me as a reminder, all those people out there, keep complaining about life...He, as a disabled, never give up on himself. Never say tired. Going forward..

::kuanru:: signing off.

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