Thursday, September 16, 2010

More cards...

i remember i did a blog post about membership cards before, i think last year. That was when I first sign up for mph membership card, followed by Isetan membership card. Alright, now my wallet has no more holders to hold anymore cards. There are still some member cards coming in after that. Full of cards, but not credit cards.

Yet, yesterday, i still sign up for the Watsons membership card.


First impression...
Does this looks exclusive? No? WATSONS PASSPORT

But it does looks exclusive to me. It comes with these welcome pack.


a stack of vouchers...


Of course, plus all the benefits like...
  • 2x points on Watsons brands
  • 5x points for birthday rewards (i'm late, i sign it up one day after my birthday, shit)
  • Watsons exclusive promo and events
But all in all, i just love the card. : )

I think, collecting membership cards will be my hobby for the rest of my life, as how i collect phone cards when i was young. : )

::kuanru:: signing off

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