Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Two Way Street

Relationship is a two way street. You don't expect people always, and everytime, be there, when you shouted their name three times, either loud or in your heart. You don't expect them to appear infront of you, response to your call, sms-es, or worst still, msn, QQ, Facebook chat, whatever, immediately when you 'needed' them the most.

At the same time, when you're having good times, do you think about these people whom you wanted them to be infront of you immediately when you're in trouble? Do you think of them when you're on cloud 9? Do you ever call their names three times, either loud or in your heart when you're having great time?

I'm not just talking about love relationship here, it can be friendship, it can be family relationship, whatever it is, as long as you call that a relationship, it should be TWO-WAY. You give, and they give back. You don't expect others to give, and you're just keeping without giving back.

Understanding is a two way street. As far as relationship is concern, both ends have to work hard for it, instead of JUST be the receiving end.

::kuanru:: signing off.

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