Saturday, January 22, 2011

prayers for my folks.

I can't help myself. my tears start streaming down again whenever I think about this.

they have been wonderful. always. they taught us to be kind, they taught us to be loving and caring, to forgive, they, always gave us the best, seriously, the best. They have been thoughtful, not only to us, but to others. They taught us to be kind to those who weren't kind to us. To love our enemy.

We are what we are today, because of them.

I regretted being rude when i was young. Thinking back, i slap myself hard. They never let us down. They tried to fulfill our needs. I still remember my dad staying up late just to help me finish up my homework, while i'm sleeping soundly. I remembered my mum rushing back and forth from work just to send me for tuition, without complaining of tiredness.

They are the kindest human being on earth. They never fight back. They love peace.

Dear God, you see it, don't you? You know it, don't you? But why? Seriously, i don't get it.

Karma? We were good, don't we?

Why do we need to go through this? Why do they need to go through this? It isn't that fair, right?

Dear God, we are trying to accept it. We really are. If this is Your will. Please be with us throughout and guide our steps. Please help my dad, he's going through a tough time, please give my mum strength to carry on. Please lead us, protect us. Thank you.

::kuanru:: signing off

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