Friday, February 15, 2008

~14th February 2008~

Valentines, valentines, valentines.

Last night was Valentines, but I'm much more interested in 'bai ti kong'. I'm not sure why..heehee.. we drove around our neighborhood to see how people prepare for this big event which is actually celebrated by Hokkiens. Well, how the people here celebrate this event was similar as how my ah kong and ah ma actually 'conduct' it every year. The only different is the celebration here is much more bigger as compared to how i used to celebrate at home. There's lion dance, and lots of fire works. This event started at 12am, people started to prepare at around 9pm, bringing out table with RED cloth, gold paper (which is a direct translation as kim chua) , etc etc. i feel like slapping myself on my face for not taking down pictures, i was just looking around so excited..duh...My mummy used to tell me that we have to wear red and dress nicely for this event because it's a form of respect to the god. And guess what, as we were driving around, i noticed people were all dress up, wearing nice clothes putting on make ups. Then i received a call from my mummy asking me how m i bla bla bla and actually they were on their way to granny's i wish i were there..i used to like this event so much where all relatives gathered around chit chat-ing, but now, most of my cousins were not at hometown, it's rather quiet tho, i guess...
However, not forgotting V-day, i have a pleasant night having beef steamboat, if it's what that calls. Although no chocolaty night, no flowers, no presents, but it's GREAT!! As my favourite blogger, Michelle said, everything doubled up it's price on V-day, wtf!! They are so good in making business...++ "A silent hug means a thousand words to an unhappy heart"

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