Wednesday, February 13, 2008

~what a girl wants?~

One day,

Boy: Dear, where would you like to have your dinner?

Girl: Anywhere you like dear.

Boy: How about char kuey tiao?

Girl: char kuey tiao? don't you think it's too oily? *wondering*

Boy: Then, where would you like to eat? *still very patient*

Girl: Anything will do la...

Boy: How about chicken rice?

Girl: *hmm* Too much of calories...

Boy: What's on your mind then? *starting to become impatient*

Girl: I really don't know.

Boy: Then just tell me when you have something in mind!! *angry*

Familiar with the situation above? I, sometimes can be the girl above, which i think if i were the boy, i'll get angry too.. *hmmm* --sometimes, girls are unpredictable, true?

Today is Valentines!!
Love is in the air!!
Who will be my Valentines??

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!

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