Tuesday, February 12, 2008

~ C J 7 a.k.a A Hope ~

Have just watched CJ7 (Chang Jiang 7) with Jay through CD *ehhem*, starring forever-humorous Stephen Chow, and a cute little kid whose name is 'xiao di' in the movie. However, i managed to find out the real name of the cute kid is Xu Jiao, who actually is a girl in real life. This is another production of Stephen Chow with his typical touches. Although Stephen Chow received a top billing for CJ7, but the real stars of this movie is the cute kid and the adorable alien dog, which is named CJ7.

This movie is about a poor laborer father (Stephen Chow) and his young son (Xu Jiao). The father is always giving the best to his son although they were very poor, living in a small room. To cut the story short, an alien dog enter their live and bring joy and happiness to the young boy. Unfortunately, the father met an accident in his workplace and passed away. CJ7 over used his power to rescue the father. In the end, the father was alive and CJ7 died. He transformed into a cute little doll.

~Xiao Di and CJ7~

~The father and son~

My rating for this movie is 3/5. The kid have been very impressive, and he's very very c-u-t-e.

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