Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sydney White

Whoa...have been watching movies lately..when will I stop those entertainment and concentrate on my bloody FYP? I'm totally still in CNY mood while the dateline to hand in the proposal is in two days time. And, here I am, still blogging!!

By the way, caught this movie just now --Sydney White, starring sweet Amanda Baynes and cute Matt Long. :)

This movie is about a college freshman, Sydney White (Amanda Baynes) , who decides to pledge at her mother's respectable old sorority, which is once upon a time dignified and respected. However, the pristine reputation has been tarnished now that tyrant Rachel (Sara Paxton) took over as Student Council President. *bukan main agah budak tu*. After surviving the sorority's vigorous pledging process, Sydney quickly banished for daring to question Rachel's regime. Now left with nowhere to go but a condemned house on the edge of Greek Row, the dejected and rejected pledge quickly makes friends with seven of the biggest social outcasts on campus. But while these socially challenged frat boys may not be much to look at, it gradually becomes apparent to Syd that they all have their fare share of admirable qualities - especially love-struck super-geek Tyler (Matt Long). Perhaps if these nerdy frat boys and their new queen could successfully shake up the system by staging a successful takeover of the student government, the could restore the once-proud reputation of this prestigious university and offer a glimmer of hope to campus geeks everywhere!

Overall, the movie was just OK, despite Amanda Baynes and Matt Long are so cute. The storyline was simple and predictable.
My ratings for this movie is 2/5. Worth to watch especially with families or when you have nothing to do.heehee..

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Anonymous said...

what!!!!2/5!!!!it's 5/5!!!! you know why, because she's AMANDA BYNES!!!!!