Thursday, September 4, 2008

~ Time To Say Goodbye ~

It'll be our last day of internship tomorrow. I thought I would be happy, but, i don't know why, i feel so down, so sad, so unhappy. I'm afraid i'll drop my tears tomorrow. I know, i'll be back. But somehow i feel awkward, trying to hold back my tears, yet to give others my laughter.

It's hard to say goodbye, although it'll never be our last goodbye. Being here for three months, really had been a great experience. Everything will be in my heart, my mind, forever. It'll always be my sweet memory.

Each and everyone of them are unique, are special. Friendly and helpful. My so-call-on-site-supervisor had been very considerate. Although she is my so-call-on-site-supervisor, but i treat her as my friend. Every sigh that i've made, she noticed, and she tried her best to help me.

From the bottom of my heart, i wish all of them the very best. I know that Shuang Fu will always be there opening their 125 door for us. And i'm for sure will be back in a flash.

I guess it's the end of our internship, but it's not the end of my service for them. Love you guys..!!

::kuanru:: signing off

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Anonymous said...

may be that's a good experience there but u can still go there to help them
aiyo whateverlah finally u r going to graduate liao

may be u have forgotten me liao
anyway i leave this comment to tell u that i m here XDD