Wednesday, December 3, 2008

~ The Un-Grateful Heart ~

Anyone around us knows anyone with an un-grateful heart? I guess there are alot. Even I do complained alot. Who doesn't, right? Someone is not satisfied with their life, someone is complaining about somebody, someone is not happy with something..every minute, someone is complaining...

Ever think of, when you start complaining about something, there are some others that are much more unfortunate than you are?

Someone complains about money.. always complaining about running out of money..
always think that you are poor? There are someone poorer than you, there are someone out there have to give up their education to earn for their living, for their family, since they were very young. Do you have to earn money for living when you were young? What were you doing and where were you when you were 10 years old?

Someone complains about studies, assignments, finals and exams.. someone don't even got a chance to study, to get into universities, how lucky you are, to have step into the uni life, how lucky you are, at this age, are still enjoying the life of a student..

Someone complains about homes and families... mummy don't love me enough, dad was too strict, mum love bro more than me, dad love sis more than me, in the end, nobody loves me.
Parents always love their children more than themselves! Someone out there live in an uncomplete family, someone out there don't even have a place called home, someone out there needs a home. But you? living in this wonderful place called home, full with love, and are still complaining. What more do you ask for?

Someone complains about love and life... my boyfriend is not caring, my girlfriend is not perfect; my boyfriend is selfish, my girlfriend doesn't have big boobs; my boyfriend loves to sleep and eat, my girlfriend loves shopping; my boyfriend bla, bla, bla... my girlfriend bla, bla, bla...; my life is not perfect, i want to live like a princess... This is it? being with someone you are not satisfied with? you don't love them? you don't want to be with them? if don't, then don't be; if do, stop complaining. Easy.. Someone lost their love ones every minute.. Someone live alone until the day they dies.. someone is suffering from some kind of diseases... and you, in a pink of health, are still complaining..

Someone complains about the government.. the government is unfair, the government is tricky, the government is this and the government is that.. when comes to election, they just stay at home. If not satisfy, go and fight for it!! and not just sitting there complaining.. you are living in a place with no wars.. you are still living with your family and the one you love, so, don't complain

Someone complains about job.. job satisfaction or salary? you choose. be realistic. how many of us got to choose the job we like but with high salary? you are not alone. life moves on. don't just complain. get your ass stick on the chair and love the job that you have chosen in the first place.

Someone complains about some un-related somebody.. hmm.. unrelated somebody? passers by.. eu, she wears like a dinasaur..argh..she's so ugly..yii..she's so fat..argh...she's ugly when she doesn't wears makeup...yuck, why on earth exist such a person? okay, none of your business, and you don't have to worried about them, at least, maybe, they are living to their fullest while you're there complaining about them.

The above someone is actually ME!!! tight slap on my face *piak piak*. I start to hate myself... however, little part of me thinks that, a little amount of complaining brings improvement to life, don't you think so? but too much of complaining is useless.. But, but, but, all in all, i'm happy with what i have now, with what i'm doing now, and with who i am now. There are more improvements tho'

After i wrote this post, i feel like slapping myself.. because, all this while, i'm that somebody, and i feel that, that somebody is really too much!! wuliao!! Somebody doesn't just satisfied with anything, and this somebody, definitely will not be me.

I promise, cross my heart, will try to be satisfied with what i have..

::kuanru:: signing off

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