Friday, January 2, 2009

~ A Banana ~

What is BANANA? Fruit? People?

Well, it's a fruit.
And in the same time, it too describe a chinese who doesnt' know chinese, or refuse to learn chinese. Their mother tongue were either english, or they don't put a damn weight on chinese. Got me? Some people were chinese educated, but they act as if they were not, and end up speaking broken english, or mang-lish (Malaysia English) and refuse to speak chinese. Some chinese were english educated, but look down on chinese, don't even bother to try to speak chinese, and they were even ashame of being a chinese. Some even were looking for an english educated partners. What are the advantages of having an english educated partner anyway? I don't know. Do they have more money? or do they treat you better than others? ish...

However, i do admit that there are also people who are english educated but are willing to learn chinese, salute!! Some parents realize the important of Chinese and sent their children to chinese schools. See? That's the intelligent papa and mama.

Now, people, what's wrong with Chinese anyway? What's wrong of being a Chinese? American are learning Chinese, Thai singer (Chin) is learning Chinese, people from other country, from other races are learning Chinese. So, people, (especially those chinese who speaks english, or to those chinese who thinks that chinese aren't important), still thinks that being a Chinese embarras you? and speaking english shows that you have the so-call-standard in the society?

Both languages are equally important. And i'm proud to say that i'm chinese eduacted, thank YOU!! and for your information, i too, still can communicate in English if i want to.


p/s: No offense. I'm writing this post because i'm too pissed of with those people who are bananas and who had their nose and eyes stuck on their head.

::kuanru:: signing off