Monday, January 5, 2009

~ I Don't Know! ~

First of all, hi from Kelantan!! I'm at KELANTAN now!! Home sweeet home!! i love to be at home. The weather here is cold. Have been raining everyday since the day i came back. It's getting better these few days, at least, i can feel the ray of sunlight although only for a couple of hours, but, it's still cold!

Anyway, this isn't the point of my post today.

Since the day i'm back, I'm facing these questions from people..

1. When will you be graduating?
Ans: School reopen will be my last semester (fake smile on my face).

Then people will be like, ooo...and then proceed to the next question.

2. What will you do after you graduate? Further your study or working?
Ans: Erm.. Don't know yet.. Insya-allah, if got a chance to proceed my studies, i will, if not, i'll hunt for job.

3. What kind of work will you be doing when you come out? Work at tanjung rambutan?
Ans: No la..(fake smile again, on my face) I'm not that pro yet. I'm just studying general stuff.

4. Then, what kind of work will you be looking for?
Ans: Okay, seriously, i don't know.

People out there were expecting me to be able to handle with psychiatric patients, but, i don't know how leh. I haven't even deal with those people yet. I'll let you guys know if i've done that.
When facing with those questions, seriously, i'm really, really started to worry about what i'm going to do after my studies. Last semester is going to start soon, what am i going to do?
Any ideas?

::kuanru:: signing off


Raymond Choo said...

maybe u shud start ur career by handling this mentally ill friend..

kuanru said...

hee...i don't know wether i can handle them...i guess there are still other path besides handling them..:) scared...!!