Tuesday, July 21, 2009

~ A Little Bit Of Something ~

Haven't been feeling this great for quite awhile. Spending time with family is always my main concern in life. Let me think again, maybe there will be chaos with each other, or some shoutings here and there, but it’s still wonderful to be with them.

Someone asked me when I went back to my hometown, ‘why don’t you go out and yumcha with friends?’ or ‘why you always stay at home?’ or ‘why you always stick with your mummy?’, or I might heard from someone saying that I’ve no friends. Yea, I’ve anti-social personality disorder. Sob sob… why can’t I spend more time at home than outside from home? Why does that have to bother anyone? I don't understand. Spend hours and hours outside from home doesn’t show that you have lots of friends.

Lalala, I just love to stay at home, choy meh?
Lalala, I’m an introvert, choy meh?
Lalala, I love to stick with my mummy, choy meh?
Lalala, I'm not a social butterfly, choy meh?
Lalala, I've autism, choy meh?

Childish me. But I just love to be at home.

Random pics to cool myself down a little, however, I just think they lack of something, but obviously, I’m gaining something -- kgs.

World through cons, thumbs up

Fresh roses, who can resisit it?

an antique calculator? or what was that antique thingy?

Nasi lemak without nasi lemak, instead of nasi putih. *Jaya One Old Town, curse u*

The end of superly random pictures.

Lastly, I'm in love with Tess Stimson's novel *Big grin*

::kuanru:: signing off


hawkeat said...

agree..i also lazy go out when at hometown

kuan ru said...

Yay! *high 5* But i'haven't seen you in long time.. :)