Thursday, July 23, 2009

~ The Wedding ~

Grand opening for my cousin's new chapter of life, her wedding! Congratulations!

Her wedding, from kb to kl, and takes four days. The bride is pretty, and really she is. I don't think not much of her photo here. She's busy like a bee on that day. And seriously, i need diet. Tsk....

Let the pictures do the talking..

Our family, although it's not complete in the picture, but the new couples have the blessing from everyone!!

The cousins and me

The cousins and me (i know, i'm already on a diet plan here, don't remind me of how round my face looks)

my pretty mummy, sister and cousin

The groupie

Isn't she pretty? *blush*

The pretty sister of mine

Everyone was pretty *big grin*. Everyone was happy. Congratulations again to the newly wed couple. :)

It's a love just say yes!!!!

The End.

This is something nothing to do with the above:
A friendly and stern reminder to the stupid theives out there. Awak akan dapat balasan awak daripada god awak. Fuck the theives who like to steal. Ohh, i forgot, theives love to steal, bo bian. Hell, go to hell you this people. GO TO HELL, FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!! #$%^& To others, please really take good care of your belongings. Don't think that the PENCURI can did nothing to your bank account because they don't know your password. FYI, they know. And how the hell they know, i don't know. Don't let people get any of your belongings, including IC or ATM cards.

The End.

::kuanru:: signing off


Cassandra Juan said...

OMG! u looked great with the blue dress :)And FXXX the pencuri!!!!

Raymond Choo said...

i declared war to pencuri since 21.11.2008

kuan ru said...

Cassandra Juan: Thanks alot !! :) :)

Raymond Choo and Cassandra Juan: Don't f*** the pencuri, don't make yourself terrible haha...pencuri should be chopped off. Lawyer tok, pls help us...

Raymond Choo said...

my second war against pencuri on 25/7/2009.. today i woke up and discovered my wallet is empty.. not a penny left!! i wont fuck them.. ll kill them if i meet them..

luckily my laptop n phone were safe this time..

kuan ru said...

Whoa, second time in one year. wtf..tsk tsk tsk...hope you manage to 'punish' them one day!!

-kuanpeng- said...

yay~!!! Fxxk those thieves damn those thieves!!!!!!!!! Go to hell~

Thanks lulu~ muax!

kuan ru said...

Peng: It will be PEACE if those bastard were caught and their hands were chopped off...