Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wish Granted

One day, i wished for a DS for my birthday this year..

Today, the bf granted my wish.

I've got my DS, and I'm super loving it.

Thanks babeh!!!!

Haolian right? I'm humble already ok...

I wanted the one with white, but the bf said it will get dirty easily, so,

final decision. :D

That's it. End of the post.
I'm haolian-haolian-haolian-ing, choy meh? lalala... I'm happy, can can can??


::kuanru:: signing off


Cassandra Juan said...

congrat!! see i alwiz said he is a nice guy, hahah... cos he paid me to tell u that! wakakak... happy to see u happy darling :)

kuan ru said...

thx girl. my haolian post u so kind to read it..haha..miss u lotx